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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I Want To See the World: Part 3

By Jack Hawkins
Photos & Video: Iohan Gueorguiev

Iohan is back! This time with his latest installment of his “I Want To See the World” series. This latest film details his ride along the Great Divide - route which runs from Banff, Alberta to Mexico. Iohan rode it in the winter, in his usual crazy style!

Once again, as with his previous films, we were privy to stunning filmography and landscape pictures which truly emote the beauty and serenity of the Great Divide in winter, along with his seemingly effortless pedal-and-film style of riding.

He first rides through the picturesque landscapes of British Columbia, before reaching Montana, where there are yet more stunning mountain vistas to be captured, and Iohan stumbles across a town where “You don’t have to cut your grass, the deer take care of it for you!” He captures the beauty of Montana, from dazzling, glorious sunsets, oh yes, and jail. That’s right. Our intrepid explorer spends a night in the slammer!

Fear not, he wasn’t arrested for BUI (Biking Under the Influence), he simply slept the night in an old jail cell in Ovando, Montana, which the town upkeeps, in order to provide wayfaring strangers with a place to sleep. He then starts to ‘mooo!’ at the cows, and produces an interesting (if untrue) factoid that cows outnumber humans in Montana by a ratio of 5:1 - who knew?

From cows, to horses in Iohan’s bicycle touring ‘zoo’! He comes across free-range horses in Montana, who graciously accept his “Wanna be friends?” request. They then hilariously attempted to eat his backpack. He decided to not leave his backpack to mercy of the mares, but they began to follow him for a time as he left them behind. He is now, officially, the Horse Whisperer!

And then the viewer is rewarded with one of the most incredible sights of nature at work that I have ever seen. Iohan is able to spectacularly capture the geysers erupting at Yellowstone National Park, and with an apt, “Woahhhhhh!”, which describes the moment perfectly.

Unfortunately, as Iohan has chosen to ride the Divide in Winter, he encounters all sorts of bad weather, from sleet and snow to heavy rains. Although none as bad as in Wyoming! With plummeting temperatures, sometimes reaching as low as -30℃! And a snowstorm to boot! Though of course, that did not deter Iohan from capturing the brutality of riding in the storm - whilst riding in the storm.

After the snowstorm, his exceptional camera work comes into play again, this time capturing the snow-laden landscape of Wyoming and Colorado. Yet more breathtaking landscape shots cultivate the final few minutes of the film. Once again, a musical score of soft acoustic songs comes into play, as it has throughout the film. Adding a simple, yet potent backdrop to the awe-inspiring scenery that is captured by his GoPro.

The film ends with a mix of more scenic shots, ride-footage and music, as Iohan explains his choice to end riding the Great Divide due to snow, and instead head to the USA’s many national parks in the South West.

Iohan is now a Blackburn Ranger - and will again ride the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route from Canada to Mexico, sponsored by Blackburn. He promises to document that journey too, so be sure to follow him on his Youtube channel, or on his Website for more stunning video documentaries and intriguing blog updates.  

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Jack Hawkins reviews an earlier tour. There are links to Iohan's film of the tour as well. It is pretty incredible and worth watching. This in my mind is not to be missed. I embedded the video links at the end of the article. A new experience and I don't know that it looks that professional but the links are there. The content is what really matters.

Our first encounter with this intrepid cyclist. Riding 2000 kilometres from Toronto to Halifax, Iohan Gueorguiev proves that it can be done even in the Canadian winter.

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