Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road is an online cycling magazine. It is intended for writers and riders who want to share their on the road cycling stories and pictures. Submissions that follow our guideline are gratefully appreciated. See the appropriate page in the site menu. Will publish the best of the best each month. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @PicosCycling.

Submission Guidelines

Articles must be original work. Currently we are unable to offer payment for submissions. All rights will remain with the author. Stories and pictures will be advertised on social media but will not be published to other sites by this magazine. Stories must be 500-2500 words and must include at least one photo. Ideally each article will have 3 - 5 photos or other graphic representation (eg. maps). More pictures will be considered if we can put them together as a slideshow. Exceptions will be considered depending on the merit of the work. Preferred subject matter is bicycle trips although we will consider book reviews and/or site reviews as long as they relate to cycling. Articles and photos must be suitable for all audiences. Please keep in mind that the editor does reserve the right to edit work for clarity. Please send all submissions to pico.triano@gmail.com

Don't be shy. If you have a story, we want to see your article. We are not expecting you to be a big name professional writer.

Please note that once revenues for this site reach $25 per month we will begin offering $5 per article or story on publication. We continue growing and at some point that will become reality. We're confident of that.