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Monday, 26 June 2017

Crotch Guard - Product Review

By Pico Triano
Photo: Courtesy Dermatect

I was sent a free sample of this product after stumbling upon their promotion through Twitter. I was not certain at the time that it would be sent to me since I live in Canada. Their positive response to my request was most welcome. From the start, I intended to write up a review, but I wanted it to be different than the myriad positive reviews I've read.

Crotch Guard was developed for cyclists. Yes, I have on tours rubbed pretty raw down there a couple of times and I have used other products in the past to deal with the problem. We put it to the test. When I say we, I mean members of my immediate family. I'm not the most qualified for everything we wanted to test it for.

I applied the product and took it for a road test. Incidentally, it's pump spray bottle makes the product very easy to apply and as advertised it absorbs completely into the skin in very short order. Once the product had absorbed, the only indication that it was there was that it worked, no chaffing, no redness just healthy skin. There was no visible residue on my clothing during the testing period.

Derma-Tect, Inc the manufacturer makes one more claim that we are able to test. They guarantee their product to be hypoallergenic. My son Brandon is hyper-allergic. He cannot wear any big brand deodorant on the market that we are aware of, in fact, he can't take the lid off and take a deep whiff of the fragrance. It took us some real searching to find a product that he can use. He is allergic to something in soft drinks and many packaged foods. He has a prescription to carry an EpiPen, just in case.

This test we did is not in any other reviews I have seen. We were very confident in the claim though otherwise we probably wouldn't have even tried it. Brandon gave the spray a sniff test before applying the product to his skin. He had absolutely no reaction to it at all. Allergies are hard to predict but with him being able to use it successfully without complication, I'm even more confident in their claim.

By my skinflint standards, it is not inexpensive. It does everything it claims though and I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you're interested, the product can be purchased through their website. Here's the link: http://dermatect.com/

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