Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road is an online cycling magazine. It is intended for writers and riders who want to share their on the road cycling stories and pictures. Submissions that follow our guideline are gratefully appreciated. See the appropriate page in the site menu. Will publish the best of the best each month. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter @PicosCycling.

About Us

Pico's Cycling – Tales of the Road's focus is on long distance self-contained touring stories. You might find published in our pages other articles on cycling including, opinion, advocacy, charity rides, book, site and equipment reviews. If it isn't related to pedal power though, you won't find it here.

We started with the December 2013 issue. Not a great time of year to start an online cycling magazine but the inspiration and the time were there. It is a labour of love. We started out with no budget and still don't have one, although we do bring in a very small amount of advertising revenue. Pico's articles are still all written on a donated laptop between everything else going on in his busy life. At the time we weren't taken very seriously. Some told us to either change platforms, invest money or give it up. Pico Triano (a pen name) is a bit too stubborn to be that easily dissuaded.

After more than a year, we are read in more than forty different countries. For a year we averaged about three hundred page views per month. Currently we average better than 1250 views per month and believe that will continue to grow. Those numbers are starting to get us attention, we were told we'd never get.

This site was never envisioned as something that would make the publisher a living. It is still hoped that at some point we will bring in enough revenue to be able to pay our writers for their articles. With steady growth that dream is looking less impossible. The future is bright. We'd love to see all our readers coming back every month and will continue to do everything we can to make this site worthy of your time.

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