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Attention Advertisers

This page is intended to give advertisers and potential advertisers information that may help them to decide whether to advertise with us or not.

What we have to offer

We have a growing readership who are interested in cycling and bicycle touring. May 2015 saw 1874 page views and June is showing that it was not a fluke. That is a huge increase over last year at this time, when we were averaging around 300 per month.

We are based in New Brunswick, Canada, but are read in over forty countries every single month. Our top five audiences by country are:

United States                  56.1%
Canada                          17.0%
United Kingdom              6.2%
Russia                             2.5%
The Netherlands             1.7%

Several other countries in Europe including France and Germany are close to being on this list.

Current advertising earnings by country are likely not very meaningful at this point but I'll present them because I'm not an expert on the subject and advertisers can determine that themselves. By country top earnings at this point are in the first column below. The second list shows the top five by revenue per page view:

United States                                                  India
Canada                                                          Japan                                                      
United Kingdom                                             Norway
India                                                              Argentina
Japan                                                             Italy

All information shown he was accurate as of June 13, 2015. These stats will be updated periodically to reflect current information.

What we can accept on the site

First and foremost we will only accept advertising that is relevant to our readers. It has to somehow relate to bicycle touring or at least cycling.

Advertising space on the site is limited. We don't want to clutter up things to the point where readers have trouble navigating the site. Available ad space is a 728 X 90 leaderboard on the webpage. There are three 250 X 250 squares available on the sidebar including the prime position at the top of the sidebar. There is also room at the end of each article ahead of the links to additional articles for a 468 X 60 full banner. Some of these positions are currently occupied by ads from an ad program. When those ads relate to our content and our readers, they do very well, unfortunately they don't always relate. Part of that is our fault and going forward we know how to fix it.

All advertising agreements will be negotiated individually. Pico Triano the publisher reserves the right to make all decisions on what is shown on our site. Current pricing is available on request. That partly because it is subject to change especially since our rate of growth is excellent and that ad space is becoming more valuable.

We have in the past done equipment reviews. We have written one article on a bicycle tour business venture, basically another riders dream project. Keep in mind we don't have a budget and cannot purchase equipment to be tested  and reviewed. We also like charities and would be happy to support them through site advertising as we have space.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are not putting advertising on the site with the objective of making a living. Our goal is to improve our product. If we can earn 25 dollars per month we can start paying a small amount to our writers. We believe that will entice more writers to submit their work for consideration. That by itself would be an important step forward.

We can be contacted by email: pico.triano@gmail.com. We are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Picos-Cycling-Tales-of-the-Road/204903946360150?fref=photo and Twitter @PicosCycling