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Friday, 30 January 2015

Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road February 2015 Vol. 3 No. 2

We started January stumbling out of the gate. It took an extra week to get our Internet connection restored. When we did though the month took right off. We destroyed our previous one month page view record and surpassed 1000 for the first time in our history. We did in fact top 1100. I don't believe it is a fluke either. We've been growing and improving steadily.

One change that I hope is noticed is the addition of Pico's Cycle Shop. There is a panel in the right hand column showing top selling products for cycling from Amazon. I'm not happy with how it is showing and will likely set up dedicated buttons for the store. If you look closely at the Page List you will see it added there as well. That will give you access to the full store where anything related to cycling available on Amazon can be accessed and purchased. That's what I want my readers to be able to get to easily. Right now I don't think getting there is intuitive enough. It is fully functional though so if you have some shopping to do for your cycling, enjoy yourself. We want the site to be as entertaining and useful to our readers as possible.

In This Issue

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I Want to See the World

Iohan is back this winter. Jack Hawkins reviews his latest tour. There are links to Iohan's film of the tour as well. It is pretty incredible and worth watching. This in my mind is not to be missed. I embedded the video links at the end of the article. A new experience and I don't know that it looks that professional but the links are there. The content is what really matters.

It Begins

This is a continuation of my big tour story line. I talk about that first day on the road. It was more adventure filled than it was supposed to considering the preparation that went into it. I survived though and was under way.

Choosing a Touring Tent

Shelter while touring is a must. Here's some tips on how to chose the solution that's right for you, learned from cold hard experience.

Trudging Through the Snow

Being a young year round newspaper delivery boy out in the boon docks is not always easy, especially when the weather turns cold.

A Winter Cycling Microadventure

Andrew Hendrickson joins us this month to bring us a cold weather cycling story of his own. Great story with great pictures. Hopefully we'll be hearing more from Andrew in the future.

That's it for another month. Jack ran into some technical issues writing this month. Weather (we got clobbered by a blizzard) and car trouble got him separated from his subject material. Not everything this month could go easily.

Thanks to all our readers for a record month. We're hoping to continue earning your interest. We will continue to work hard to improve the quality of our product here. I wish we had the time to fix everything overnight. We continue to be a work in progress.

Until next month happy cycling!


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