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Friday, 30 January 2015

I Want to See the World

By Jack Hawkins
Photos: Iohan Gueorguiev

Iohan Gueorguiev is a friend of mine on an extraordinary mission to cycle from Alaska, to
Argentina. The first part of Iohan’s journey, from the shore of the Arctic Ocean, to British
Columbia, is documented in a self-produced film entitled, “I Want To See The World: The

To first understand the journey, one must see this film! I have met Iohan in person and he is
truly a one-of-a-kind character. But even I cannot fully appreciate what he has done, until that
is, I watched this film.

Iohan uses a GoPro camera to film, a “selfie stick” of sorts to film while riding (a rather baffling
feat to someone like myself, who couldn’t balance an orange on a flat surface). The quality of
the camera is extraordinary, and therefore the quality of the images is also extraordinary. But,
the majority of the hard work comes from Director, Producer and Cameraman (as well as
intrepid cyclist), Iohan. He chooses his shots well, his timing for pulling out the camera and
pressing the record button is impeccable.

Iohan’s camera skills are what make the film, and his ability to pedal and film at the same time
is incredible. It adds so much to the film. During the first part of his journey, he is able to
capture every aspect of life in Northern Canada. From the brutality of the winter
storms, to riding on six feet of ice (while riding on the Ice Road in Tuktoyaktuk), to the
kindness and generosity displayed by the people of the North. He is also able to capture
some truly beautiful scenery. A side of the North often unseen and untouched by the rest of
the world.

He meets plenty of interesting characters along the way, from ice road truckers who are
astounded at the journey he’s taking, to everyday families when he reaches British Columbia.
Iohan worked for the summer planting trees in Prince George, B.C. During his time there, he made
plenty of new friends, worked hard and when he got the chance to take a ten-day break in the
middle of summer, where did he go? The open road, of course.

He decided to take a ten day siesta from Lillooet, to Bella Coola and back. And this is perhaps
the most stunning part of his trip (thus far) that’s been captured in terms of the surreal, and
stunning scenery. Once again, the GoPro shines as a masterpiece of film-capturing-kit, but
Iohan chooses the moments to capture perfectly. Capturing the true beauty of British
Columbia, and interactions with animals, like when he says, “Hi.” to a huge grizzly bear, or
catches cattle and deer in full flight, running wild and free. Or chance meetings with a fox on
the road

The movie is filled with some delightful moments of generosity, some truly stunning moments
where you cannot help but wish you were there too, and some moments of utter hilarity,
where you are literally laughing out loud. For example, Iohan getting stuck in the snow on a
snowmobile, his encounters with wildlife, and good spirited humour at the direst of

The movie’s soundtrack is a soft, ballad-esque one, featuring songs mainly comprised of soft
vocals, and an acoustic guitar. The songs themselves come from several different artists,
although several songs featured are from fellow round-he-world cyclist, Kevin Downey.
Whose a singer/songwriter that has just completed his own round-the world trip.

The movie ends with this telling quote from Iohan:

“Just like the end of a movie, I find myself somewhere on a sandy beach, staring at the
sunset. But this isn’t over. It’s just the start. I am not stopping in Argentina, I’ll be going around
the world. Somebody asked me, ‘why am I doing this?’ I couldn’t come up with an answer. I
still don’t know why. But I loved every kilometre of it. The highs and the lows, the sunshine,
and the storm. The solitude, the unknown, and the absurdity of it all. I have a little bit of
ignorance, naivete, and stubbornness that have always put me in difficult situations, but I
know that things will always work out in the end. Maybe one day they won’t. But, until then,
my goal is to see the world, my motivation ­ the kindness of strangers, and the beauty of the
wild. And my home is on the open road.”

The credits roll, following a shot of the Maptia Manifesto. Iohan places the website URLs for
his chosen charity, and the logos of the companies that have helped him to make the journey
a reality. And boy, am I glad they did.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. 11/10, two thumbs way up. And I wish Iohan nothing but the
best on the rest of his journey, which rumour has it, will continue later this year.

Here are links to Part 1 and Part 2 of the film.


  1. incredible, thanks for giving me a new perspective and motivation!