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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road January 2015 Vol. 3 No. 1

Getting this month's issue to our readers turned out to be an epic struggle. I was not even sure we would be able to publish on time. Early in December my wireless Internet connection crashed. There is only one provider in my area and because they have a monopoly they are not very helpful. A technician is coming out on January 2nd to restore our home Internet.

Nearest Internet service is twenty minutes away for us at the public library and they are not always open especially during the Christmas season. Where we live we can only get telephone service through the Internet as well. Effectively we've been cut off from the world for most of the past month. Being unable to communicate conveniently with our writers hasn't made any of this easier.

We're determined though. We managed to get the articles and pictures scraped together. We will publish as soon as we can. If things work at the local library today we will be on time. We won't be able to do hardly any promoting though. I just don't think they'll let me hog the computer that long.

I've learned a little about how much we rely on technology these days. Next month will be better.

In This Issue

(Click the links or just scroll down) Please note the library computer could not handle photos or adding links. Will be fixed within the week.

My Big Tour Preparation

This will be running as a serial over the next four or five issues. I did this tour a long time ago and I think most riders will enjoy the story. My intention was to ride from Pasadena, California up the coast part way and then come all the way across to the Niagara Falls area in Canada. An epic undertaking.

Knowing the Way

It isn't always a matter of just getting on your bike and pedalling. You have to know how to get where you're going. Getting lost on a bike tour is no fun best avoid it if possible.

A Cyclist's Christmas Wishlist

Maybe a few days late but we thought our readers would appreciate it anyway. Jack Hawkins brings us this article.

Not Mechanically Inclined

Being a younger sibling isn't always fun. Learning bike mechanics was a long road for me. I really didn't get that much help along the way. I survived and thrived though.

Shake Down Tour

This is a stand alone story but it does relate directly to the big tour I started preparing for in our first article this month. I've ridden very few solo tours that ran as smoothly as this one did. I wasn't fooled though into thinking, I was done learning.

With the Internet back, I'm looking forward to the coming month. I think we can make a lot of improvements and bring a lot of good content to our readers. Until then. Pedal on!


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