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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A Cyclist's Christmas Wishlist

By Jack Hawkins
Pictures: Pico Triano

It’s Christmas, and many of us cyclists are by now, firmly set up in our living rooms or bedrooms with a set of rollers, or exercise bikes, or are gallantly braving the frigid temperatures on increasingly-popular fatbikes.

So, what does one get a cyclist for Christmas? Well, I’ve polled a group of cyclists from a local bike shop, here’s what they had to say. I also asked them what their favourite cycling-related Christmas gift that they have ever received.

Jim Goguen, a Manager at Consolvo Bikes, was the first to chime in, with his own suggestions.

“Some great gift ideas that are not expensive include: seat bags, tyre levers, pumps, even an indoor trainer, so that you’re ready once the snow is gone!” He reflected on his own favourite cycling-related, although not a Christmas gift, a very special one from his childhood.

“My favorite cycling gift for me goes way back to when I was a 11 or12 year boy. As a paperboy saving my money for a new bicycle. So I had saved up about half towards the cost of the bicycle, then My dad and I are in BF Goodrich downtown Moncton and I'm dreaming of this Yellow Road BIke with a cool BFG logo, my dad saw me just eyeing it, Dad comes over, “Is this what you've been saving for?” And without even a chance to say yes, “Happy birthday Jimmy. That was a very cool present.”

Other cyclists’ shared their views on the subject of Christmas gifts. Satish Punna had this to say: “For me the greatest cycling gift I have ever gotten from my wife and family is the gift of time; of being allowed to go out and ride pretty much whenever I want.”

Mark Oulton, of Moncton, described some of the more material items that a cyclist could receive at Christmas. “Headlight/tail lights are always a great gift, grips, pedals, component upgrades, chains, tools, clothing, anything for cycling really. I would say the best gift I got was my Joe Blow tire pump. Dual head for presta and Schrader valves, accurate PSI gauge. Excellent all around!”

Mark even shared a photo with me of last year’s Christmas presents from his wife - the only thing that wasn’t cycling-related: the box of Cadbury’s chocolate fingers (although one could argue that those are for post-or-during-ride-nutrition), and the zombie DVD.

From a personal perspective, there are plenty of cycling-related items on my Christmas list, but one must prioritise and ask oneself, “What do I need right now?” Well, in my case that makes the list a lot shorter, I would like a whole bunch of things for my cross-country trip, but there aren’t many that I need right now. I would say my most pressing concerns are logistical, and okay, maybe I’d like a new helmet, or a pair of decent cycling shorts. 

What’s on your Christmas list that’s cycling-related? What is your favourite cycling-related gift that you’ve received? And how, do you find the time, at the busiest time of year, to get out there and ride?

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