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Monday, 29 September 2014

Uncommon Commute

By Pico Triano

Sometimes when I think of all the exotic tours I'd like to do on my bike, I risk failing to appreciate what is right nearby. When I lived close enough to my job in the Moncton area, I had a beautiful commute each and every day. I had to open my eyes to see it and appreciate it though.

I left for my work in a Riverview, New Brunswick call centre early in the morning. My ride almost immediately left the back streets where I lived and continued on the Humphrey's Brook Trail. This recreation trail travels along Humphrey's Brook through a small green space that cuts through the northeast end of Moncton. No traffic to battle and usually not even that many pedestrians or other riders. Along the way I would occasionally scare up a group of Ring-necked Pheasants or a flock of Mallards.

Exiting the trail I had a section of real city riding. Along the way I passed several city landmarks. A few old churches, City Hall and the Bell Aliant Tower. Main Street has a number of sidewalk cafes. Not all the unpleasant when traffic was light.

I cut away from Main Street past the courthouse in short order. That's where I would pick up the recreation trail along the Petitcodiac River. This trail passes quite a number of historic markers. On the way to work, I'm usually in too much of a hurry to look closer but I did take the time to see what they were all about when I had more time. Flashing by those sites I sometimes had a chance to race the tidal bore. The Petitcodiac has one of the biggest tidal bores in the world. Everyday that wave would race up river with the tide temporarily reversing the flow. This trail would take me across the river and bring me all the way into Riverview.

In Riverview I had to get on the main road for a short distance and before long I would be at work. In the evening I got to reverse the trip. During the greater part of the year the return trip was done after dark.

There were variations of the trip which were just as scenic. It would depend on my time and whether I had any side errands to run. All in all I have to admit that my daily commute would bring me to enough sights to compare to a day trip tour. Don't ignore what might be right in your own backyard.

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