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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Pico's Cycling - Tales of the Road June 2015 Vol. 3 No. 6

Our May issue lived up to all my expectations. We did reset our monthly readership record. Final numbers won't be in until tomorrow but as of the time of this posting we're already past 1800 page views. Another first is to see every single article surpass one hundred individual views. A big thank you to all our readers. I think this month is another excellent issue and I'm hoping to see continued growth in our readership.

In the coming months, we will continue to work to improve the site. At the end of each article we try to add links to similar or related stories. That will continue. One thing that I've noticed is that a lot of our readers are not aware that the pictures and titles have been set up as links to those articles. Not sure what I can do to make that easier to follow. I'd also like to figure out how to set those up so that the article opens in a new tab instead of routing people away from the page. Over the course of the summer I intend to slowly add similar links to all our back issues. The intention is to enhance our reader's time visiting us.

In This Issue

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Jack Hawkins brings us a story of a cyclist who has crossed a large part of Canada not on two wheels but on only one. Sophie Stirl shares with Jack her experiences touring on her unicycle.

Riding alongside parked cars can be dangerous. This article is written to spread awareness of the issue. This type of accident is entirely preventable if everyone just took the time to look before opening a car door.

My story continues. This instalment sees me tackling mountains like I'd never done before. From the San Francisco Bay area over Donner Summit and on to Reno Nevada. This was definitely an unforgettable climb. 

Loaded down creaking slowly down the road on my touring bike, this scenario played itself out over and over again on my tours. Part of me found it annoying, while another part of me finds it too funny.

Sometimes we don't know how fast we can ride until we really push ourselves. I found out on this occasion but I'm still usually content with moseying along at a more sedate pace.

That's it for another month. I hope our readers enjoy this issue as much as they did last month. A big congratulations to Canadian Grand Tour racer Ryder Hesjedal for an inspiring comeback. The Giro d'Italia finishes today. He was at one point in 29th place and finished yesterday in 5th overall. Way to go. Winning again would be nice but that is one impressive comeback.

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Until next month, keep those pedals churning.


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