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Friday, 28 March 2014


By Pico Triano
Photo: Pico Triano, Free Use Image

This article is inspired by another article I read on why cyclo-computers are evil. I don’t agree with that sentiment. Their objection was based on people getting obsessed with it and paying too much attention to it while cycling. These obsessed individuals are not paying enough attention to the road. They also miss the great scenery along the way. My response to this is don’t get obsessed.

Cyclo-computers are tools and if used properly can be very beneficial. If you are a racer you will likely make excellent use of most of the features they offer. Even for the novice they are not hard to use and benefit from.

For the purposes of long distance self-contained family cycling it is little more than a glorified odometer. I don’t say that to disparage them. I wish I could afford to set up every one of my family members with one. Just giving them a scoreboard would have them out training more than they do now. Even for me. I’ve never been what I would consider fast as a cyclist. I’m way too big to be much of a racer. I am however proud of the sheer distances I've covered.

So what I’m saying is by all means get one. Read the instructions and learn to use it. Just remember you don’t have to have one eye on it all the time. Enjoy the ride and pay attention to the road. If you put it on right it is unlikely to just fall off. Check it before and after each ride to make sure the sensors line up properly if you need to. It is a great little tool but don’t forget you can still happily ride without one too.

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